Edition MatchingArts (EMA) is in 2014 initiated by Henry Kelder and students composition of the HKU Utrecht Conservatoire. The central group exists of Anne-Maartje Lemereis, Daan van den Hurk, Tim Coenen en Henry Kelder. As a collective EMA wants to be platform for all composers who would like to publish their works without standing alone in business. 

All composers are welcome to apply. EMA's aim is to edit compositions that have the ambition to reach a broader public. We support young composers, students and alumni all over the world and give them a chance to get their work exposed. But also settled composers can join with works. EMA is also the editor for selected composers from the International Alkema Composition Contest and the Keuris Composers Contest.

Edition MatchingArts is linked to Keuris Ensemble and MatchingArts Records, ensuring initiaves to perform and record pieces from connected composers. On a yearly base, EMA is playing pieces from the catalogue live in Splendor Amsterdam. We have more than 200 compositions online from 62 composers with 32 different nationalities. We are non-exclusive which means that composers are totally free what they want to do with their scores, all rights are kept with the composers ant they can leave us whenever they want, no restrictions.

Open here the blog from Dutch NPO Radio 4 in the program Vrije Geluiden with Henry Kelder being interviewed by Aad van Nieuwkerk and broadcasting pieces by some EMA composers.

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