Unlimited is a project and exposition in 2022 (in Dutch called Onbegrensd) around Piet Mondrian’s 150th birthday. MatchingArts collaborates with museum Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort, where the exposition is held from 4 September 2022 till 5 March 2023. Seven visual artists and seven composers work together on seven new art works.

Mondriaan had a big urge to innovate. The artist continued to evolve and reinvent himself over a lifetime. His development was certainly also fueled by his contacts with others: other artists, poets, musicians and philosophers. Mondrian's encounters with them inspired him and took him further. The painter was also one of the founders of De Stijl, a platform in which the members kept each other on their toes through the exchange of ideas and discussion.

Following Mondrian's approach, the Mondriaanhuis wants to organize an exhibition in 2022 in which artists from different disciplines will be brought together. Just as the members of De Stijl inspired each other at the time by reacting to each other's work and entering into a debate, contemporary artists and composers will be invited to meet, respond to each other and create new work in duos.

Seven visual artists and seven composers have been selected for Unlimited. The Mondriaanhuis brings this group together with the hope and expectation that something special will arise here that is more than the sum of its parts.

The selected visual artists are:
Ronald Nijhof Amerentske Koopman Jan Maarten Voskuil  Art van TriestJitske BakkerKarina Puuffin en Fadenka van der Sloot

The selected composers are:
Anne-Maartje LemereisDaan van den HurkNathan BonkerkHans BakkerNoëmi SchermannDevin de Vries en Henry Kelder.

See also: website Mondriaanhuis

Videos of the art works and the music on YouTube:

Affected (Van Triest/Kelder)


Blend (Puuffin/Bonkerk)


Exposure (Bakker/Bakker)


Streepjes (Koopman/Lemereis)


STUDIOTIME (Nijhof/Van den Hurk)


Turns (Voskuil/De Vries)


Zeeën van (on)mogelijkheden (Van der Sloot/Schermann)

Zeeën van (on)mogelijkheden


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